Vote Yes on California Proposition 59

Vote Yes on California Proposition 59

Tell Congress to Get Big Money out of Politics

Vote Yes on Prop 59 if you want to stop powerful interests from buying our elections. We need to make politicians accountable to ordinary voters, not big donors.

Prop 59 gives each voter the chance to instruct their member of Congress to overturn Citizens United, the misguided Supreme Court decision that struck down a ban on corporate and labor union spending in federal campaigns and freed them to spend unlimited amounts of money. Similar recent court decisions overturned long-standing laws limiting how much billionaires could spend on a political campaign.


As a result, big money interests are spending huge amounts to tilt the outcomes of our elections in their favor and drown out the voices of the rest of us. Because political donations can now be made in secret, it is possible that foreign corporations or governments, like Russia, could try to influence American elections through funneling money through U.S. subsidiaries or secretive non-profit groups.


The Supreme Court was wrong and must be corrected. We The People should be able to set strict limits on money raised and spent by candidates and others to fund political ads and campaigns.

Corporations play a vital role in our economy. But corporations aren’t people. They don’t vote, get sick, or die in wars for our country. The Constitution was written to protect human beings, not corporations. The rights granted to corporations by the Supreme Court allow them to drown out the voices of real people – as voters, consumers, workers, and small business owners.


Vote YES on Proposition 59 and tell Congress to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that puts an end to big money political campaigns.

California voters have used ballot measures to instruct and improve our state and local governments before. Prop 59 allows us to do this on this critical issue.

Help send a powerful message to Congress to act now to strengthen our democracy and overturn Citizens United.

Vote YES on Proposition 59

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